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Secure your greatest asset with our pre-purchase plumbing inspections. Same Day Plumbers are South-East Queensland’s plumbing inspection specialists. We have over two hundred years of combined experience inspecting properties all throughout the Brisbane and Gold Coast region. We guarantee you same day service because we understand how important it is to get your plumbing inspection completed as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a Plumbing Inspection?
Most buyers are unaware that the Building and Pest Inspection doesn’t thoroughly cover the plumbing of the house. There are three integral components to a house structural, electrical and plumbing. These three components are also the most expensive to repair if there are problems and most are undetected to the untrained eye which is why we hire an experienced Building and Pest Inspector to check our homes before we buy them. The same applies to your plumbing. During our inspections, we have discovered nine out of ten homes have moderate to serious plumbing problems.
What sort of things have you discovered?
We have discovered all kinds of plumbing problems. We have found houses with leaking water pipes undermining the foundations causing upwards of $70,000 structural damage. Leaking water pipes behind the shower attracting termites. Illegally installed plumbing and gas pipes and hot water heaters. Drains fully infested with tree roots pending a blocked drain. Some of these problems are very serious and can have major implications for your assets and safety. We highly recommend you book a Pre Purchase Plumbing Inspection to secure your asset.
What things do you inspect?
If it sounds like plumbing we inspect inside and out. Some of the main components we inspect are:

CCTV Drain Camera Inspection of all sewer and storm water pipes
Pressure test of water lines to check for leaks
Gutters and downpipes
Surface water drainage
Taps, mixers, fittings and fixtures
Vanities and pipes
Cisterns and toilets
Sinks and tubs
Showers and baths
Hot Water System

What do I get?
Once the plumbing inspection is complete the Plumbing Inspector can speak to you immediately about any major issues if you request. The Plumbing Inspector will complete the 10-15 page report detailing all of his findings with quotations for the repairs if necessary. Additionally a DVD of the Drain Camera inspection can be provided for $27.00 +GST.
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