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Most likely you’ll need a plumber to fix your leaking toilet. Same Day Plumbers are South-East Queensland’s leaking toilet specialists. We have over two hundred years of combined experience repairing leaking toilets all throughout the Brisbane and Gold Coast region. We guarantee you same day service because we understand how important it is to get your toilet working correctly as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much water does a leaking toilet waste?
A constantly running toilet leaks up to 750 litres per day! That’s 273,750 litres per year, which is enough to fill a large swimming pool! Source: EPA. What’s the bottom line? Imagine $750 added to your current water bill at this year’s current water price. That’s what a toilet leak could cost you. A lot more than calling us to come and fix that leak for you.
I've got a leaking toilet what do I do?
It’s important to get your toilet fixed reasonably quickly to save water and money. Toilets are notorious for being the unsuspected culprit in that excessive water bill. More often than not a toilet can leak much more than the average tap leak. Our plumbing technicians are very experienced with repairing all kinds of toilet leaks simply make a booking and we can be there at your earliest convenience.
What type of leaking toilets do you fix?
Unlike some plumbing companies, we repair all types of toilet leaks and all makes and models.

leaking toilet problems

Leaking Outlet Rubber
Over time outlet rubbers degrade and perish, not creating the water tight seal they once before allowing water to dribble or constantly run into the bowl. Replacing the outlet rubber or outlet valve is the best solution.
Leaking Inlet Valve
Age, use and wear degrade the Inlet valve causing it to crack and split. Replacing the inlet valve is the best solution.
Leaking Outlet Valve
Similarly to a leaking Outlet Rubber a faulty Outlet Valve will not create a watertight seal and allow water to continue flowing into the bowl. Replacing the outlet valve is the best solution.
Leaking Flush Pipe
Over time the plastic seals degrade and allow water to pass. Every so often these seals need replacement.
Leaking Key Seal
Not the friendliest toilet leak. The key seal is the seal between the toilet base and floor waste. When the rubber perishes waste water begins to leak onto the floor. As the entire toilet must be removed and reinstalled often this is the best time to upgrade to a newer toilet.
Cistern Screw Holes
When an inlet valve is stuck open allowing the cistern to fill up continuously water can leak out through the cistern screw holes if they are not sealed properly. Usually replacement of the inlet valve and sealing the cistern screw holes is all that is required.
Shut Off Valve
Similarly to a leaking tap, a mini cistern cock or shut off valve will leak with age. The best solution is the replacement of the shut-off valve.
Leaking Flexi Hose or Water Feed
The water feed running from the shut off valve to the cistern can leak when the rubbers and seal perish; the best solution is always replacement.
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