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You will most likely need a plumber to fix your leaking tap properly. Same Day Plumbers are South-East Queensland’s leaking tap specialists. We have over two hundred years of combined experience repairing leaking taps all throughout the Brisbane and Gold Coast region. We guarantee you same day service because we understand how important it is to get leaking tap drip fixed as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

What has caused my tap to start leaking?
There are four main places a tap will leak from:

Leaking from a hardened or perished tap washer no longer creating a watertight seal – caused by age.
Leaking through the spout where the spindle screws into the head – caused by wear and tear.
Around the body washer – caused by wear and tear.
Leaking from the tap seat – caused by dirt and debris being caught between the jumper valve and seat.

What type of taps to do you fix?
We fix all makes, models and types of taps. Our plumbers carry a wide variety of different taps such as kitchen flip mixers, vanity basin taps, bathroom taps, sink taps, laundry taps, bath taps, spindle taps and more! We supply and install all kinds of brands like Abode, Brita, Franke, Dorf, Grohe, Methven, Hansa, Blanco and more. We even repair and install specialised taps for disabled bathrooms, commercial kitchens and hairdressing salons.
Isn't it easy to fix a leaking tap?
Fixing a “simple” tap leak can turn into a costly nightmare and has for many of our unsuspecting customers. We’ve had to come in after many home handymen who have attempted to re-seat their own taps which are an important part of changing washers and valves to get a watertight seal.

The problem is this “simple” task takes re-seating hundreds of taps to master and done incorrectly can easily cost you a whole new tap set, hours of time and frustration trying to fix it before giving up and calling someone who knows what they’re doing. There are plenty of do-it-yourself guides out there, unfortunately, they don’t warn people of this “simple” job that actually requires some experience not to mention the danger of slicing your hand open using the re-seating tool. Our advice is to call a licensed plumber to save your hip pocket, time and a headache.

How will you clear my Blocked Drain?
Our trucks are fitted with the latest in plumbing technology (High-Pressure Water Jetting and CCTV Drain Cameras) to quickly diagnose your plumbing problems, provide you the most accurate quotes and clear your blocked pipes using the fastest and most efficient methods available.

We use the latest in CCTV Drain Camera Technology to diagnose problems below ground level, visually inspect the drain to tell us the exact location of the blockage. With the high-resolution camera images, we can give you an accurate quote with no hidden surprises before we start any work on your drains.

How soon can you fix my Blocked Drain?
So if you’re looking professional plumber to fix your blocked drain, septic tank or blocked sewer you can trust to fix the problem, not the symptom, Sameday Plumbers will give you accurate quotes, not overcharge you and turn up on time. We only use the best CCTV Drain Camera and High-Pressure Water Jetters to save you time and money.

Sameday Plumbers are fully licensed, experienced and equipped for any job. All our work is guaranteed and we always clean up before we finish. We offer same day service and will always be on time every time. Call us today to make a booking!

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