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Leaking Shower Detection and Repair

Can you fix our Leaking Shower?

Yes, our highly skilled technicians certainly can. But first we need to establish what type of shower leak you have in order to provide you the best solution in the repair.

I know my shower is leaking but don't know where!

Not a problem at all, did you know our Leak Detectors are also fully licensed plumbers? They can find and fix your shower leak. As there are a number of reasons and ways why a shower can leak, our system is a process of elimination beginning with the most common causes.

The 8 types of leaking showers:

Shower head or rose

If your shower head or rose is leaking this is a true sign that the Spindle Taps or Mixer Tap cannot turn off completely and is allowing a dribble of water through. Much in the same way if you don't fully turn your tap off it keeps running. Detection: Visual inspection.

Tap penetrations

If there is no silicone sealing the Tap penetrations water will seep through into the wall cavity. Usually you will see stains from water on the backing wall or ceiling below. This kind of leak can be dangerous as mould builds up inside the wall cavity and can be undetected for months or years. Detection: Visual inspection.

Cracked or broken tiles

Whilst cracked or broken tiles do not cause the leak they can make the leak more severe. The underlying cause is usually a small hole or break in the waterproofing membrane. Detection: Flood or Dye test.

Tile grout

Similar to a cracked or broken tile. Tile grout is porous and not waterproof therefore it allows water to pass between the tiles and should stop at the waterproofing membrane. However if there is a small hole or break in the waterproofing membrane the shower will leak. Detection: Flood or Dye test.

Old silicone

Old and degraded silicone slowly becomes less waterproof over time and simply allows water to pass through it. Detection: Flood or Dye test.

Ceiling below/floor waste

Over time pipes can drop, the joins become worn and allow water to pass. Underneath the floor waste is common place for this to occur. You may notice stains on the ceiling below the shower or water dripping through light fittings or vent. Detection: Visual inspection.

Behind the tiles

A leak behind the tiles is most commonly caused by a water pipe leaking. Our Leak Detectors do not need to remove large sections of wall to locate the leak. Using their Leak Detection equipment they can non-destructively pinpoint the leak and repair it.

Shower waterproofing membrane

With age the waterproofing membrane degrades creating holes, tears and breaks. Our Leak Detectors can determine this cause of leak however to repair the shower waterproofing membrane you will require a waterproofer or tiler.

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Leaking Shower
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