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Sameday Plumbers Find & Fix Water Leaks!

Help I've got a water leak!

Understandably when you discover a leak the first thing to do is panic, but fear not. Not only do we offer same day service but we prioritize water leak detection. Most water leak detectors are just that leak detectors not licensed plumbers. All our leak detectors are fully licensed plumbers. What does this mean? This means you only need to deal with one tradesman not two. We can find and fix the water leak on the spot, saving you precious time and of course money. This is often the reason why more people choose to use Sameday Plumbers.

What types of Leaks can you find?

We find any fix all kinds of water leaks:

  • Water line leaks
  • Underground water leaks (even under concrete!)
  • Shower leaks
  • Concealed leaks
  • Water pump leaks
  • Toilet leaks
  • Under slab leaks

How do you find my water leak?

Our technicians use the latest and most accurate equipment available in leak detection. Our bullet-proof process involves pressurizing the water line with compressed air (as air is thinner than water), should the water line hold pressure (kpa) there is no leak. If the pressure drops this is a clear indicate air is escaping and there is definitely 100% a leak.

The next step is to locate exactly where the leak is. For this we use a High Frequency Listening Device and Sonde to listen for the air escaping the pipe. This is the fastest, most affordable, reliable and most effective method of pinpointing water leaks.

Can you fix it today?

Yes, most of the time we can if you book in early in the morning. Unfortunately there is a shortage of skilled Leak Detectors operating throughout South-East Queensland. We advise to book in at least a day or two in advance to ensure you get the time of day you require.

Sameday Plumbers are fully licensed, experienced and equipped for any job. All our work is guaranteed and we always clean up before we finish. We offer same day service and will always be on time every time. Call us today!

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