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Top 6 Common Electric Hot Water Heater Problems

Warning: Your electric water heater is a 240 volt appliance. The shock produced can be fatal. Always call a licensed plumber to do any work on a hot water system. Do not attempt to repair a hot water heater yourself.

Listed are the most common Electric Hot Water Heater Problems, much like a car regular maintenance and services can greatly increase the life span and reduce problems significantly.

Electric Hot Water Heater Lifespan

The lifespan of a Hot Water Heater can vary greatly depending on location, usage and quality. On the compliance tag the construction date will be displayed you can generally expect between 10-15 years from an Electric Hot Water Heater.

Leaking Hot Water

A hot water leak is one of the most common problems with hot water systems as there can be many causes and places it can leak from.

Not Enough Hot Water

If you find your hot water running out quickly it usually is a broken thermostat which you will need to call Sameday Plumbers to inspect the hot water heater. Another reason may be that the hot water heater is not large enough to supply hot water for the number of occupants in the residence.

*Note if there is NO hot water coming out when you turn on the hot water, usually the heating element has broken and an electrician is required to replace it.

Water Is Too Hot

If the water is too hot the thermostat will need to be repaired or replaced by Sameday Plumbers.

Noisy Hot Water Heater

Hot Water Heaters can become noisy with age the main cause is usually damaged or worn parts.

Dirty Water

It is recommended not to shower if the water coming from your Hot Water Heater is dirty. The inside of the hot water heater or pipes may be rusted.

If you are experiencing any of these problems call Sameday Plumbers today and get it fixed as soon as possible and avoid any further complications.

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