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We Clear Blocked Toilets Fast!

I've got a blocked toilet what do I do?

What you need is an experienced plumber to assess the problem and using their tools and knowledge clear the blockage in the safest most effective way to eliminate the problem for good. As we all know blocked toilets happen to be a recurring problem if not fixed properly the first time.

How do you clear my blocked toilet?

Once the plumber has assessed the problem he may use a number of methods to clear the toilet depending on the cause of the blockage. Our plumbers are fully equipped with Plungers, Hand Rods, Augers, High Pressure Water Jetters, Mini Jetters and CCTV Drain Cameras. Rest assured there isn't a drain we can't fix.

How do I find out what's caused my blocked toilet?

There are three methods we can use to determine the cause of the blockage. Firstly our plumbers years of experience and visual inspection, secondly we can use the CCTV Drain Camera to visually inspect inside the pipes and thirdly we can remove pipework or fixtures.

What do I do now?

Don't attempt to clear the blockage yourself you could make matters worse. Pushing a blockage further down the line that shouldn't be in there in the first place can be a costly mistake. This is a job best left to the experts, call us now to clear your blocked toilet fast.

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