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Questions our customers ask us most about Blocked Drains

I've got a Blocked Drain what do I do?

Most likely you'll need a plumber to clear your blocked drain. Same Day Plumbers are South-East Queensland's blocked drain specialists we have over 200 years combined experience cleaning, clearing, unclogging and repairing blocked drains all throughout the Brisbane and Gold Coast region. We guarantee you same day service because we understand how important it is to get your drains working correctly as soon as possible.

What types of Blocked Drains do you fix?

A blocked drain is a very general term and can mean any number of different plumbing scenarios some which not all plumbers fix, for example a blocked sink compared to a blocked sewer both are blocked drains. Rest assured we fix all kinds of blocked drains, if it's blocked we can clear it. We have equipment suited to every blocked drain imaginable.

  • Blocked toilets
  • Blocked sewer drains
  • Blocked storm water drains
  • Blocked gutters and downpipes
  • Blocked sinks (kitchen, laundry, bath)
  • Blocked floor wastes (in your shower, laundry or commercial kitchen)

I'm not sure if I have a Blocked Drain how do I tell?

Think you might have a blocked drain but not sure? The most common and unsuspecting signs of a blocked drain are; water backing up in the toilet bowl, the gully in your front yard is overflowing, there is a bad odour coming from the toilet, disappearing water from your toilet or gurgling sound from the toilet. If you have any of these symptoms there is a good chance of an impending blocked drain and we recommend you call us to make a booking to get your drains High Pressure Water Jetted, cleared and flushed out before they become fully blocked.

How will you clear my Blocked Drain?

Our trucks are fitted with the latest in plumbing technology (High Pressure Water Jetting and CCTV Drain Cameras) to quickly diagnose your plumbing problems, provide you the most accurate quotes and clear your blocked pipes using the fastest and most efficient methods available.

We use the latest in CCTV Drain Camera Technology to diagnose problems below ground level, visually inspect the drain to tell us the exact location of the blockage. With the high resolution camera images, we can give you an accurate quote with no hidden surprises before we start any work on your drains.

How soon can you fix my Blocked Drain?

So if you're looking professional plumber to fix your blocked drain, septic tank or blocked sewer you can trust to fix the problem not the symptom, Sameday Plumbers will give you accurate quotes, not overcharge you and turn up on time. We only use the best CCTV Drain Camera and High Pressure Water Jetters to save you time and money.

Sameday Plumbers are fully licensed, experienced and equipped for any job. All our work is guaranteed and we always clean up before we finish. We offer same day service and will always be on time every time. Call us today to make a booking!

5 Most Common Blocked Drain Causes

1. Tree Root Infiltration

Offender number one, the most common cause of blocked drains is tree roots. Especially during dry periods trees will aggressively travel distances to reach water, after all their lives depend on it. Tree roots will make their way through small cracks or joins in pipework, once they are inside the pipe they will grow longer and thicker until completely blocking the pipes.

2. Foreign Objects and Debris

Culprit number two. Toilet fresheners, children's toys, toilet rolls, sanitary napkins, kitty litter, nappies and other objects can very easily block up a toilet or drain especially if there are tree roots in the line to stop even the smallest objects passing. Waste and toilet paper are the only things that should go down a toilet.

3. Cracked or Broken Pipes

Cracked or broken pipes can restrict the flow of water and trap waste in the drain causing a blockage. The best solution for this type of blocked drain is to cut and replace the section of pipe affected.

4. Drainage Back Fall

Gravity fed drainage is only designed to flow one way, when water or waste must travel upwards pipes quickly back up. Incorrectly or poorly installed drainage often causes back fall and blocked drains.

5. Construction Waste

Construction waste is a very common problem in new homes and renovations. Concrete, tile grout and dirt are the most common materials. But do not worry; in some cases we can even remove concrete from a pipe with our equipment.

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